The Timeless Values That Built Capital North

Danny Rizzo has been in the real estate industry for decades. He’s seen the markets shift in ways that have tested even the most hardworking brokers. As the founder of Capital North, Rizzo has made it a priority to build a firm that can not only meet the challenges of such markets but thrive during them. 

The team at Capital North is testament to this fact. 

In what is often regarded as a mercenary industry, Capital North has seen very little turnover during its 18-year history. It started in commercial real estate before expanding to land development and residential real estate. In that time it has attracted good and talented people, and those people have stayed. 

Rizzo owes the success of his approach to a simple set of principles: hard work, opportunity, professionalism, and integrity. 

Success in real estate, particularly in the cooler markets in which we now find ourselves, requires a certain persistence and grit. Rizzo, even now in a more mature state of his career, has never lost this, but more importantly he is able to recognize it in new talent. 

When agents come onboard, he ensures they have an equal opportunity to prove themselves regardless of their pedigree or experience. Those who successfully capitalize on those opportunities are rewarded with further opportunities — a cycle that drives performance and benefits their clients. 

But unprofessionalism is a dealbreaker. Capital North’s agents are polished; hungry but humble. Rizzo leads by example in this regard and integrity is the uncompromising foundation of everything he does. 

He laments the reputation that many real estate agents have earned the profession in recent years. Capital North has proved to be an exception: they have never compromised their values. 

Rizzo is assured these values will continue to serve the brokerage well into the future — whatever the market brings. 

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